Is Our Lady’s Ancestor a Beast?

To even ask the question may seem blasphemous, but that Our Lady descended from an animal is the logical conclusion that Catholics who believe and promote the theory of evolution refuse to acknowledge.

Many well-meaning educators have sought to counter the alleged superiority of science over the Bible’s Genesis creation narrative by embracing the “faux science” at the expense of the Bible to “interpret away” the conflict. Through a combination of scientific ignorance and dissent from the Magisterium on the subject of biblical inerrancy they are promoting cosmic and biological evolution as mainstream as long as one understands that “God did it.”

The theory of evolution is that all humans descended from non-humans, that is, that there is biological continuity between animals and humans. That theory, promoted as a fact by the secular “scientific consensus,” is the thesis of Charles Darwin’s second most-famous book, The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex first published in 1871. Darwin’s second book applied to humans the evolutionary theory developed in his On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, published in 1859. According to a  social survey published in 2019 by Pew Research, 87% of Catholics believe humans descended from non-human animals, literally, from beasts. There is no way of escaping the conclusion that if humans descended from animals, so did Our Lady and for that matter, so did Our Lord.

For a thorough discussion of  why “theistic evolution” is incompatible with Catholicism and has driven the mass apostacy that has been accelerating in the 21st century, read The Evolution of Catholic Unbelief  and/or  Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism.  Read more about those books by clicking here.


Is this Our Lady’s Ancestor?