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“Anyone who still would have the temerity to make the bold proclamation that evolution is a fact is clearly out of the swim of things,” writes Professor D. Q. McInerny, in his review of Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism.

December 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Evolutionary theory and its arguably massive negative impact on modern culture has come under closer scrutiny and greater criticism in recent decades. The following detailed, scholarly review of Thomas L. McFadden’s recently published book on the subject would hopefully interest readers in purchasing a copy. This could help them to better comprehend many of the controversies covered in LifeSite reports. Although the title refers to Catholicism, non-Catholic Christians would also benefit from the book.

Steve Jalsevac


Unam Sanctam Catholicam

“At the heart of Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism is the idea that, while theistic creation ‘works’ for some Catholics, it certainly does not ‘work’ for everybody. Because many mainstream Catholics have adopted the position that there’s ‘no contradiction’ between evolution and Catholic theology, it has become accepted to assume there are no real problems with theistic evolution. Consequently, there is little real discussion about the question, and Catholics who do not find an easy harmony between Scripture and evolution are left with little to go on.” 


“McFadden details extensively the origin and development of evolutionary theory, from the ancient Greek philosophers through Darwin to more current advocates such as Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking.

Then, employing meticulous research and solid documentation, he shoots gaping holes in it. His biting narrative of the often contradictory, weird and bizarre theories put forth by proponents in support of evolution is fascinating, eye-opening, and often funny.” 

the catholic truth

“I approached the book with an open mind. I am someone who has never before been greatly interested in the evolution debate. Nevertheless, the book did capture my imagination on two accounts: (i) what has the Church traditionally taught in this field? and (ii) how does evolution stand up to an impartial and dispassionate analysis?…I heartily recommend this book as a thought provoking and inspiring read. I will no doubt refer to it regularly, because it contains so much useful information that one cannot possibly digest it all in a single read through. Mr McFadden can be well pleased with his effort.” – Graham Wright


A Catholic Life Blog
“The book itself is a true labor of love and full of true, scientific research.  The author quotes extensively from scientific research journals, publications, and a vast amount of materials to present the overt discrepancies and inconsistencies from a scientific perspective with the theory of evolution.  After establishing this, only then does the author begin examining the documents of Pope Pius XII and relevant documents on our Holy Faith in the context of evolution.

This resource should be widely made available to all Catholic schools.   I pray this work be more fully available to all who are in a position of teaching authority in any respect – from Sunday school teachers, to pastors, to Directors of Religious Education, to science professors, and the like.  This is truly a composition of much research and it deserves to be widely made available so that more souls will be saved from falling away from the Church and into the atheistic materialism of the world.”