A Faith and Science Video Presentation and Discussion Series
Warren County Community Center, 538 Villa Ave. (off W. 6th St.), Front Royal

MONDAY, 7:00 PM, Sep. 16
What We Can Know, Or Not Know, About the Reality Of God
As St. Paul put it, the existence of God can be known by “The Things That Are Made.” What Does the Natural World Reveal About the Reality of God Or Not?
Stephen Meyer, PhD, Director, Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture

MONDAY, 7:00 PM, Sep 30
Darwinism: A Myth for the Post-Christian Mind
The prominent atheist Richard Dawkins has said that “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” Many Catholic educators have accepted that the only way to survive in a post-Christian culture is to attempt a synthesis of Darwinism and Christianity. In this session, Dr. Stephen Meyer will explain why it is precisely the wrong time to capitulate since Darwinism itself is being undermined daily by new scientific discoveries.

TUESDAY, 7:00 PM, Oct. 8
Theistic Evolution: Did God Need Darwin?
Author Stephen C. Meyer presents the case against Theistic Evolution

TUESDAY, 7:00 PM, Oct. 29
The Mystery of the Origin of Life
Explained by one of the world’s top organic chemists, Dr. James Tour

WEDNESDAY, 7:00 PM, Nov. 6
Our Created Solar System reveals the Glory of God
Tour our magnificent Solar System with host Spike Psarris, a former engineer in the U.S. military space program. You’ll visit by photograph and graphics each planet and learn that which secular astronomy programs don’t tell you.